Analysis and testing of materials

the most exhaustive analyses of materials.

When we talk about precious metals, it is not only the highest purity that is important, but also reliability, durability and resistance. It is important to have a reliable, qualified and experienced partner to conduct the most exhaustive analyses of materials.

Our facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology to guarantee high-quality analyses in a very short time. Our experts have knowledge acquired over many years in our laboratories and they comprise an unbeatable and highly trusted team of professionals.

We are also accredited by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) as a consolidated, quality company with maximum safety in all of our work. All Sempsa JP products are verified in our laboratories applying different high-precision criteria. The results are reliable and guaranteed analyses that you can trust unfailingly.

Laboratory for chemical analysis


Certified analyses

We have the worldwide DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate that rewards quality and professionalism in all our chemical analyses. We have more than 170 years’ history and also cutting-edge technology in our laboratories to carry out chemical analyses with maximum control and proven safety.

Trace and alloy, carats, plating baths or waste water analyses undergo strict laboratory controls in accordance with the guidelines of the German law on the WHG water regime. Our customers can also benefit from our laboratory services to cover any need. Take advantage of the professionalism and experience of expert technicians.

Our main value: experience

Our laboratory services for chemical analyses include the following methods and processes:

  • measurement of the carats of alloys for jewellery;
  • comparative analysis of recycled material;
  • analysis and adaptation of the composition of galvanising baths;
  • complete analysis of metal alloys regarding main and secondary components, as well as traces;
  • testing of noble metal alloys for dental use;

if you have to make special requests, trust our professionalism and experience. We will find the solution to meet your needs. Contact us for any query. We will be delighted to help you.

Development and testing of materials

used to apply colour to titanium.

Our area of development and testing of materials is of the utmost importance in the company because we believe that obtaining a high-quality product requires the best starting materials. The experience and qualifications of our technicians, together with impressive technological innovation, put us in an unbeatable position to conduct material checks that exceed the most demanding quality standards.

Completely trustworthy materials

We want to use the highest quality materials, so it is very important to check beforehand and make sure that they do not have any imperfections. These are the processes that we follow in the area of materials development and testing:

  • production of noble metal alloys for jewellery, industrial and dental use.
  • Metallographic analysis of noble metal alloys: hardness, resistance, structure, melting range, electrical conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient, etc.
  • Layer thickness measurements from nm to mm.

If you want more information about these or other applications, do not hesitate to contact us. Our technical team will advise you according to your needs.