Quality controls and safety

Sempsa JP always prioritises quality and safety. These are basic guidelines of our business policy. DIN EN ISO 9001 certifies our management and guarantees the quality of our work.

Certified trust

All our products are tested in the laboratory to guarantee the necessary quality control and safety standards. For medical products (dental alloys, solders and ceramics) we are governed by DIN EN ISO 13485 and Annex II to European Directive 93/42 / CEE.

We only use raw materials from places that comply with human rights and the strictest safety measures. We seek to offer maximum confidence to our customers with all the necessary certifications to ensure their peace of mind.

Our practices seek sustainable business development and maximum respect for the environment that so generously provides us with the components of our precious metals.

Our environmental policy

Our foremost concern is, therefore, to apply the necessary measures to the refining of metals and have the least possible environmental impact. We apply the following measures routinely in all our processes:

  • Monitoring to avoid exceeding contamination thresholds
  • Efficient wastewater systems in the production and recovery of metals
  • Annual analysis of internal and external wastewater
  • Annual audits by external companies
  • Regular measurements in waste incineration

Maximum trust

Our certifications

The following are the certificates we have been awarded. They are the basis of the trust our customers place in us: