Heimerle + Meule Group

Absolute professionalism and reliability for 170 years

The Heimerle + Meule Group (Heimerle + Meule, Cooksongold, Cookson-CLAL, SEMPSAJP, Drijfhout, Koutadly) is one of the largest precious metal refiners and processors in Europe. The Heimerle + Meule group employs more than 750 people in 7 countries: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal and Spain.

Likewise, the Heimerle + Meule Group belongs to the giant Possehl foundation, which backs all its investments by giving unmatched financial support.

The group can respond to the needs of its customers and to changing market trends. As a customer, you benefit from a wide range of products and services offered within Europe, supported by comprehensive local consumer care.

Our solutions

Accountability, professionalism and trust are the key qualities that make us the most reliable partner for work with precious metals. Our history and tradition, combined with the use of cutting-edge technology are the ingredients for developing the most effective solutions in all phases of the full cycle of precious metals:

Experience and professionalism

our sectors

The sectors in which we operate are jewellery and watchmaking, but also electronics and dentistry. We uphold our ethical principles and maintain our experience and professionalism in all of these areas.

As a result of the formation of the Heimerle & Meule Group in 2013, we are able to face all challenges with bright prospects and continued growth.

With our experience and dedication to the world of precious metals, there is no limit to the services we can offer to fulfil our customers’ needs, and we add any innovation or services that we can in order to keep improving.