Precious metals for investment

Investment products

Sempsa JP continues to innovate and diversify its offer with the sole objective of helping you find the best solution for your investment product needs.

Responsibility, professionalism and trust are the main virtues that make us the most reliable partner for working with precious metals.

Our history and tradition, together with the use of cutting-edge innovative technology, are the perfect ingredients for developing the most effective solutions in the entire precious metals cycle.

With more than 100 years’ experience, we design innovative and high-quality investment products from the metal we refine. Endorsed by several quality certificates that guarantee the origin and transparency of our metals, we comply with all the standards set by the LBMA.

Sempsa JP is the only LBMA GOOD DELIVERY certified Spanish Company in both gold and silver.
It is also a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), Chain of Custody (CoC) and makes use of ISO standardization codes.

Sempsa JP guarantees the repurchase of our products at all times

Tonkenized bars


We unite tradition and technology to continue innovating and diversifying our offer with the aim of helping you find the best solution for your investment product needs.

Thanks to AURUS Technologies, SempsaJP tokenizes its bullion on the blockchain in a stable, secure and solid way.

We make sure that our clients trade with the confidence that our tokens are as safe as any of our products.

melted gold bars


The traditional ingots cast in 999.9 fine gold combine elegance with the highest purity.
Precision cast and shaped by our experts, their excellent finish makes our ingots a solid investment with unrivaled aesthetics.

Minted gold bars


Ingots minted by Sempsa JP combine beauty and security. Its straight lines and its impeccable engraving show the high quality of manufacture and the care for every detail.

It is one of the safest and most durable choices over time, always with a purity of 999.9.

minted silver bars


Our silver edition conquers for its careful aesthetics, its dazzling shine and its excellent touch.

We have minted 999 alloy ingots, perfect for investing, collecting or giving as a gift

Comprehensive personalized minting service

At Sempsa JP you will find the best professionals who will guide you in the search for the right product.

Together we will define the conditions and properties that will shape your project: metal, size, purity, type (token or legal tender). Our team will take care of all the steps and the necessary documentation

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