We have almost 100 years’ experience, which is the key to us being able to provide unique processes and products for galvanising with precious metals.

Over the years, we have worked with Heimerle + Meule to develop electrolytes and chemicals capable of meeting all the needs of our customers, as well as state-of-the-art analysis systems to monitor all processes.

Our professionalism and dedication led to us being awarded the UN EN ISO 9001 certificate, which guarantees the highest international quality standards and exceptional results in all our electroplating processes. Safety and responsibility are the main values that we wish to convey to all our customers.

Galvanising process

These are the steps we follow when galvanising:

Preparatory treatment


Precious metal electrolyte


Electrode bar galvanising


Non-precious metal electrolyte


Post-treatment and special processes


Precious metal preparations


Transparent high quality chemicals

Surface pre-treatment is paramount for optimal galvanising. Our chemical products are indicated for ultrasonic cleaning, electrolytic degreasing and cooked degreasing. Our experience and knowledge of these products ensures a quality customer service to obtain the perfect galvanising in each case.

SEMPSA JP electrolytes: colours that you can only find here

It is important to use electrolytes of precious metals to obtain shiny surfaces in jewellery and goldsmithing. SEMPSA JP has an incredible range of golden colours apart from the basic colours such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium. The following table provides more information on our electrolytes:

Electrolytes for pencil galvanising

We have several products for pencil galvanising in addition to our precious metal electrolytes. The rhodium, gold and silver colours are compatible with the colours used in the immersion processes. The table provides more information on electrolytes for pencil galvanising:

Base metal electrolytes

Base metal electrolytes use nickel and copper as intermediate layers to enhance the surface beauty in the galvanising process.

The highest quality precious metal preparations

It is not easy to produce precious metal preparations correctly. They require training and experience to produce the best results. We have one hundred years’ experience, which means we can offer greater purity and quality in all our preparations – both gold and silver salts – plus a wide range of compounds of all types of precious metals

Perfect and exclusive finishes

We offer the best chemical products for the post treatment of galvanising. Our vast experience in all precious metal processes means that we are able to apply top quality products against surface tarnishing and all kinds of special procedures to achieve a unique shine in each product.

RHODOCLAIM: Sempsa JP’s exclusive recovery system

We have developed an exclusive system for the recovery of rhodium from special baths and rinses. In the past, the procedure was complex and expensive, but today the RHODOCLAIM system makes the recovery of rhodium extremely profitable since it can be used as a solution in itself and it is completely environmentally friendly. Our RHODOCLAIM system will generate additional income for you and is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to recover rhodium.

RHODOCLAIM: Recovery of precious metals by chemical reaction

The RHODOCLAIM system is very simple to apply. Once the pH value has been set, the RHODOCLAIM powder is added to the spent solution and the rhodium reacts with the chemical compound. Next, after filtering and drying the extract with rhodium, we separate it, without the need to classify the merchandise as hazardous. It is a process of very low complexity. These are the items required:

  • RHODOCLAIM powder
  • Pleated filter
  • Dosing spoon
  • PH paper
  • A suitable container

The described procedure is simple and very cheap. Under optimal conditions*, with 500 litres of spent bath and a rhodium content of just 0.1 grams/litre, the rate of return can be as high as 200%. If the rhodium content is higher, income from precious metals can increase by 800%.

In exchange for the submitted extract, you will receive the value of the recovered rhodium in the form of remuneration, rhodium plating or other precious metal products from Sempsa JP. If you wish, we can also offer you a free precious metals account.

These are our services:

  • Analysis of precious metals before recovery
  • Professional recovery of rhodium

*Optimal conditions: Low level of bath contamination and correct procedure as instructed. Rhodoclaim system 8101 0 144.

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our electroplating experts who will provide you with all the necessary information on correct use of the chemical products and technological items necessary throughout the process.

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