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We have a varied catalogue of customised solutions, all focused on achieving your goals, which are also ours.

From the manufacture of a single item, to mass production, you will find the solution that meets your needs.

Our high quality standards are highly valued in sectors as diverse as industry, laboratories, schools, goldsmith and watchmaking workshops. Below we list some of the equipment that you can find in our catalogue for surface technology:

Galvanising equipment

Robust applications to overcome any challenge

We can offer you a range of high quality, powerful electroplating equipment that we are certain will provide you with the solutions you need for your daily activity. Our experience and professionalism are additional guarantees when you are choosing the right tool.

In addition to standard electroplating equipment, we offer specific equipment for special applications on request.

PGG 10 / 20 / 60 plating units

These devices are used for galvanic coating of precious metals such as gold, silver, rhodium, palladium and other metals except chrome. They are extremely user-friendly, so any operator can work with them even if they are not familiar with electroplating processes.

The PGG 10 models (1.5 and 3.0 litres) are used to galvanise smaller parts while the PGG 20 and 60 models are for the treatment of larger parts and small-scale series production.

JUNIOR 500 multiplate compact electroplating unit

The Junior 500 multiplate compact electroplating unit has been designed for small companies. Its equipment is basic, flexible and can be used to fully or partially cover individual pieces of jewellery using the included accessories (galvanising pencil, tweezers, etc).

The main features of the device:

  • special stainless steel
  • lacquered casing 1.5 A / 15 V adjustable rectifier without stepping
  • Three plastic containers with a capacity of 500 ml
  • Removable plastic fixing for the containers
  • Platinum-plated round anode
  • Stainless steel round anode
  • Tweezer for extraction
  • Galvanising pencil
Pencil galvanising equipment

JUNIOR 120 electroplating bath unit with pencil The JUNIOR 120

Pencil greatly facilitates the application of gold, silver and rhodium on various surfaces. It is very user-friendly and effective and its results are excellent. It does not leave stains and is indicated for the coating of jewellery pieces with complex shapes (settings, rings, brooches, necklaces or watches). It can be used to obtain layers of approximately 0.1 µm. This means that the complex and costly processes of other techniques can be avoided.

It is very easy to use the JUNIOR 120 Pencil. First, the part to be galvanised is attached to the equipment using the clamp (cathode), then the felt tip of the pencil (anode) is immersed in the specific bath for this use and the solution is applied to the part. The tip should just slide over the surface. Finally, the piece is rinsed with lots of running water and left to dry.

TFA 120/10 titanium tinting unit

used to apply colour to titanium.

Titanium is a metal that forms a persistent oxide layer. This layer can refract and absorb light. Depending on the thickness of the oxide layer, different decorative colours can be formed. Manufacturers of medical instruments, glasses and writing instruments have long made use of this property, and even jewellery designers find inspiration in coloured titanium.

With the Sempsa JP titanium tinting facility passive layers that are already available through anodic oxidation can be enhanced. As the voltage setting increases, the thickness of the oxide layer increases. It is a process that allows different colours to be obtained. The FA 120/10 titanium tinting device is fitted with a standard 25 litre processing tank, a 120 volt rectifier and a self-locking safety cover – the perfect device for creating different colour effects. Other versions have also been ordered. Moreover, when the right titanium stripper – which follows the TFA 120/10 system – is combined with the titanium colouring solution developed by Sempsa JP, bronze, purple, sky blue, steel blue, yellow, pink and green colours can be created easily and without staining.

Electrolytic polishing equipment and installations for gold and silver

Electrolytic polishing of gold and silver is a quick and cheap procedure for embellishing jewels with complex shapes. The process takes between 5 and 30 seconds and the deeper and hidden layers get a perfect polish. This technique is applied to virtually all silver and gold alloys, including centrifugal castings, except palladium-containing white gold.

You will find the necessary polishing salts in the section on electroplating chemicals, under “Pretreatment”

PEG 40 electro polishing unit

The Junior 500 multiplate compact electroplating unit has been designed for small companies. Its equipment is basic, flexible and can be used to fully or partially cover individual pieces of jewellery using the included accessories (galvanising pencil, tweezers, etc).

PGG M bath and polishing unit

The PGG M bath and polishing unit offers two functions in one. With a simple switch, this equipment can be used to polish titanium, stainless steel and electroplate instruments in a single device

EP 200 electrolytic stripping system

This EP 200 electrolytic pickling system allows several pieces to be polished per cycle with a maximum total surface area of 80 cm². For a good industrial finish, it is possible to polish several pieces per cycle. It is used in industrial finishes due to its great flexibility, and different rectifier control options can be used, such as “manual without stepping”, “timer” or “impulse”.

It can be used to treat both individual pieces and complete series and includes protection against running dry to control the level of the bath. In addition, it has a heating and cooling system with a thermostat to maintain the working temperature at optimal level.

HT II spin dryer unit offers speed and cleanliness

spin drying

SEMPSA JP’s HT II spin drying unit allows quick drying of metal, glass or plastic pieces wet with water without leaving stains. It has a fast-acting hot lid that dries even complex shapes in record time without leaving stains.

Water treatment

KRW5: Maximum power and efficiency

Our KRW5 water treatment facility is used to clean recirculating water. With a maximum capacity of 100 l/h, it can produce demineralized water with an independent ion exchange bottle.

The device has a magnetic centrifugal pump made of PPH plastic. A point to keep in mind is that the recirculating water does not come into contact with the metal parts and thus any secondary reaction is avoided. The quality of the water can be consulted through a conductivity measurement device located in the head of the ion exchange bottle.

  • The water to be cleaned passes into a raw water collector
  • From the collector, the water is pumped through an ion exchange column with mixed bed resin.
  • The water returns to the scrubbing unit

Recover precious metals in record time and easily

The ELECTROCLAIM system is used to recover precious metals with medium or high concentrations in washing baths, spent galvanic baths or pickling solutions.

The three special cathodes of the ELECTROCLAIM equipment cell can be used to separate up to 1,500 g of gold. This enormous capacity is due to the special exclusive SEMPSA JP cathodes, the optimised current guide of the recovery cell and the automatic aspiration pump. These innovations allow every milligram of precious metals to be recovered very quickly in solutions with a concentration of up to one gram.


The perfect accessories for our equipment

We also offer you the accessories that you may need to give you a solution for each problem quickly and easily at minimum cost.

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