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Colour brings more shine and beauty to jewellery and, although classic procedures such as enamelling are still applied, the use of special products such as Colorit® offers the designer innumerable possibilities for achieving precious and exclusive creations.

Colorit® is a highly resistant ceramic compound that is easy to apply to jewellery. It is biocompatible, resistant to shocks and the passage of time and is applied very easily to the surface. After application, the material is hardened under blue light and machined by sanding and polishing. There is a wide variety of tones in solid colours with numerous shades for free creation. Because of this great variety, the final result is really impressive and the designers tell us that they only want to work with Colorit® in their workshops.

Colorit® is a highly resistant ceramic compound that is easy to apply to jewellery.

Special features of Colorit®

Working with Colorit®:

how to use Colorit®


Activate the metal
To activate the metal, moisten the clean piece with Colorit Premium Bond or Colorit Premier for 60 seconds. A thin layer of Colorit Bond can also be applied. Then harden with ultraviolet light.


Apply Colorit compound
Apply the colour evenly (approximately 0.2mm layer) and then harden under UV light. Repeat the process until the desired level is obtained.


Apply a clear coat
Apply a clear coat over the hardened colour, unifying all the layers. The remaining layer is removed with ethanol and taken to the finishing process.


Sand, turn or polish
The Colorit coated part can be sanded, turned and polished as desired. The finished piece can also be galvanised.
Endless possibilities

Colorit®: An explosion of colour

Colour inspires and stimulates different emotions depending on how it is used. With Colorit® you can convey these emotions by using colour in simple and fun designs for your jewellery, by letting your imagination run wild and opening the door to limitless creativity.


Our light dryers to harden Colorit® colours
We have the most sophisticated equipment for work with Colorit®.

Compact design and maximum power

Colorit® Light Cube 1 and Colorit® Light Cube 2 are compact UV radiation chambers available in 18x18x18 cm and 60x43x43 cm. They are used to harden the surfaces of pieces applied with Colorit®. They are very powerful, so exposure times are shortened and the results are unbeatable.

Accuracy and reliability

Colorit® Power Speed is a high-power spot projector used for hardening surfaces applied with Colorit®. It is used in industrial manufacturing and offers an excellent level of reliability, given its precision and enormous power.

Speed and precision

The Colorit® Speed spot projector is used for light-hardening surfaces applied with Colorit® and, like its brother, the Colorit® Power Speed, offers a high level of confidence and reliability in all your work.

Ease and accuracy

The 110 digital dosing system means that Colorit® can be applied quickly and precisely on all surfaces with incredible results in any type of circumstance.

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