Dental products

Gold and silver smiles

We have been suppliers to the dental laboratory sector for almost 100 years. We create alloys with precious metals for high quality and functional implants at very competitive prices

These are the families of products listed in our catalogue:

  • Wide selection of alloys.
  • Recycling of precious metals, refined metals and plating bath waste.

Quality alloys

In the field of dental alloys, trust and experience are essential for our customers. The products manufactured by SEMPSA JP for this sector have been tested and developed for almost a century and continue to be the choice of professionals.

  • Precious metal alloys
  • Filler materials for dental use
  • Facets
  • Quality assurance

Recovery of precious metals

Recycling of noble metals

Recycling of noble metals

Since 1845, we have specialised in the separation of waste containing precious metals.
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Very easy settlement and billing

Very easy settlement and billing

In our company, when we treat the waste of precious metals, we carry out structured and transparent settlements and calculations.
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