Double guarantee

Guaranteed quality

The Duo Guarantee offers patients a guarantee of up to 60 months on all the alloys manufactured by Sempsa JP, with the possibility of recovery of the investment.

For full denture restorations, patients pay high supplements, especially when opting for quality.

For best results, quality materials, highly qualified professionals and first-class facilities are needed. These are our hallmarks and we guarantee that all our dental products are of the highest quality and have an above-average useful life.

The Duo Guarantee will reimburse the following expenses:

  • Dental material expenses
  • Professional fees

Dental laboratory

Today, dental laboratories are exposed to increasing competition. Dental implant prices are high and patients increasingly value quality. Although sometimes it is difficult to assess the real value of an implant. Also, the customer’s personal financial situation may limit decisions when choosing an implant.

More than 100 years’ experience

We are manufacturers with many years’ experience, so you know that: Quality comes from having good materials. We implement a very strict quality management system that enables us to provide laboratories with first-class precious metal alloys, ceramic products and the necessary instruments and materials. In other words, we build the best possible foundation for perfect dental work. In turn, the Duo Guarantee is a major factor in your offer of a clean, professional, high-quality and affordable dental service that will leave your patients very satisfied. We also provide advice that will help you win and retain new customers. In this way, you can also benefit from the Duo Guarantee.

In previous publications we shared solutions and arguments for various situations, to maintain quality and safety, gain and retain customers, and also set prices. 

Do you want your products to have the Duo Guarantee or do you already have it? Our software can provide you with a constant overview of active guarantees. Download the new version of duoData or update your current version.


All guarantees under control

When a large number of guarantees are offered, it is very easy to lose track of them. Duodata puts you in control – and does so very easily. The highlight of the tailor-made Software for the Duo Guarantee is that it is highly user-friendly. This software allows constant and general control with minimal effort. You will be able to set the guarantee period and check intervals completely freely. Once the guarantee information is registered, the guarantee declaration will be printed for the patients.

Depending on the duration and the check intervals chosen, duodata will calculate the appointments and record them on the follow-up sheets for the professional and the patient. The whole process will be automatic without any extra operation. Take advantage of this modern opportunity and install duodata and start improving the quality of your laboratory easily and effectively.

Greater security and guarantee

Dental consultation

As a professional, you do everything possible to ensure that your patients have top quality implants. Quality is achieved when the professional practice, the laboratory and the supplier of the material work closely together.

Convincing arguments for professional practice

The Duo Guarantee gives your patients the certainty that they are acquiring an implant of high aesthetic and health value, and, in turn, enables them to secure an important part of their investment. This guarantee also offers great advantages to you as a professional: The patient will have perfect advice and, in addition, the patient-dentist relationship will be reinforced with regular check-ups. There are several information sheets in which we explain the key arguments in terms of quality, profitability, safety and customer service.


Beautiful teeth mean a bright smile; they improve appearance and attractiveness. They not only improve mood, but increase confidence in all activities, both private and professional.

Increased patient safety

When an implant is needed, it is especially important for the dental laboratory to work with first-class materials. Beauty and perfection are intrinsic quality factors. The Duo Guarantee gives you, as a patient, greater confidence in your implants. Duo Guarantee: ensuring that the charm of your smile lasts even longer.

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