Recovery of precious metals

A matter of trust

Since 1845, we have specialised in the separation of waste containing precious metals

This experience builds confidence in our production knowledge that will offer you the maximum recovery of your precious metals.

We continue to develop the necessary steps for the process on an ongoing basis. This means that we can improve the interests of our customers by guaranteeing greater economy. Quality and efficiency are key factors for us, but it should also be noted that we want a fair partnership. Direct contact and a relationship of complete trust with our customers are the essence of our philosophy.

Recovery of precious metals guarantees the maximum quality of all our products

Recycling of noble metals

  • Precious metal waste (fusible)
  • Waste from the dental prosthetic sector (molding cone, cover, etc.)
  • Gold dental products (crowns and bridges)
  • Jewellery, coins, instruments
  • Sweeping (from incineration)
  • Waste from polishing, filter, abrasive sand, cleaning instruments, remains of crucibles, resins, fibres
  • Liquids (decontamination)
    Galvanic baths, rinses, solutions

Very easy settlement and billing

In our company, when we treat the waste of precious metals, we carry out structured and transparent settlements and calculations. Before we address delivery, we’ll deal with packaging costs, purchase costs and uptime. You will be able to set the date for the establishment of the prices as well as the form of the return (as precious or semi-finished metals). We can also buy your precious metals.

Private purchase of gold from dental products and jewellery

from dental products and jewellery

Do you want to sell gold from dental products, jewellery or coins and are you looking for a reliable partner? We can pay you for your gold content at the appropriate price. Billing and payment are regulated and rapid.

It can be done by crossed cheque or payment to your bank account.

How does buying take place?

Step 01

Print the registration form and complete it

Step 02

Put the noble material in an envelope together with the registration form

Step 03

Send it to the following address:

Heimerle + Meule GmbH
Dennigstraße 16
75179 Pforzheim

For security reasons, we recommend that you send the envelope by registered mail, via Euro-Express, Office pack or parcel post.

You have nothing to fear with Germany’s oldest gold and silver refinery.

Contact us

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