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Galvanising technique SEMPSA JP offers two well-established processes for galvanising orders: galvanising with support structures and in-line galvanising.

Main advantages of our services

Proficient advice from our expert galvanisers and technicians

Custom solutions and short management turnaround times

Semi-finished production of precious metals

Production of chemicals for electroplating

Our well-established order galvanising processes

always respecting the environment

We have important agreements with the copper steel industry that enable us to properly recycle waste containing noble metals and galvanising waste. We also have the most up-to-date facilities with the most important quality certificates and an unwavering commitment to the environment.

Galvanisation with support structures

We coat surfaces of electronics, medical technology, jewellery, optics and writing utensils. We use all kinds of materials for single or combined coating such as gold and gold alloys, silver, copper, nickel, rhodium, palladium and platinum.

endowed with SEMPSA JP quality and professionalism.

Online galvanising

In online galvanising we develop custom manufacturing processes with silver, copper and nickel where we can ennoble pre-perforated endless strips with solid or flat execution up to a width of 110 mm. In silver coatings several strips can be placed on one side or on both sides.

  • Selective or all the surface
  • Single or combined
  • On one or both sides
  • Silver, copper and nickel
  • Passivation according to RoHS standard

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