Recycling of precious and industrial materials

Value stays intact

Value stays intact

We have developed procedures for transparent waste treatment with beneficial added value for our customers. Our technological innovation keeps costs down and achieves the maximum benefit from precious metals, always respecting the environment.

SEMPSA JP was one of the first precious metal recovery companies in Europe to be certified as a conflict-free gold refiner under the CFSI (Conflict-Free Sourcing initiative) Certifications such as the RJC or the LBMA RGG endorse our commitment and transparency.

Because we have a direct connection with the Stock Exchanges you have access at all times to current prices and market trends.

The recovery of precious metals has been our key activity since the company was founded more than a hundred years ago.

Our expertise

Comprehensive, effective and beneficial advice.

Final recovery of precious metals in our own facilities

Financial support at European level from the H+M group

Company certified by LBMA in gold and silver

Advantages of recycling of precious metals

Meticulous treatment of separated products

Fast payment upon receipt of waste

Active support

Payment of precious metals recovered in your weights account or purchase of fine metal with the best conditions, deposit in euros in your bank account

Industrial recycling

The precious metal maintains its value and durability over time. Our mastery of the treatment of precious metal production waste and residual materials from the technical industry makes us a world leader in industrial recycling. Our facilities and laboratories have the latest technology available, thus guaranteeing optimal recovery of your precious metals.

If you need professional industrial recycling of maximum quality, you can trust in our more than 100 years’ experience.

Our expertise

We are a European benchmark in the efficient treatment of industrial materials for the automotive industry, the electrotechnical industry, the glass industry, thermometric industries, etc. Our processes are backed by more than a hundred years’ experience, state-of-the-art facilities and the excellent qualifications of our technicians. Our laboratories also have the most modern equipment to guarantee the best analysis of your industrial waste.

We have a logistics system capable of meeting your needs quickly and efficiently. We provide you with special bigbags, suitable for mesh pallets, that facilitate optimal management of waste containing precious metals.

  • Comprehensive and professional advice
  • Collection
  • Precise analysis in the laboratory
  • Value forecast
  • Separation of noble metals
  • Recycling and payment of amounts

Once the process is finished, we transfer the recovered fine metals to you, either in your metals account or by making a cash payment. We also offer you the option of precious metals recovered as semi-finished products, salts, etc.

Advantages of SEMPSA JP’s industrial recycling

We have been engaged in the separation of gold and silver for almost one hundred years. Put your trust in the professionalism of the leader.

These are the benefits we offer:

  • Advice, assessment and comprehensive analysis of your noble metals waste by our experts

  • Comprehensive service: assistance in managing the shipment and collection with our own trucks or haulage companies.

  • Meticulous treatment of your noble and precious metals waste

  • Fast payment

  • Payment of precious metals recovered in your free weights account, deposit in a bank account or return of your noble metals as different products.

  • Availability of our services worldwide.

Your contact for the recycling of precious metals

Tel: 636 971 052 / 638 119 512 / 638 570 189